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Nightfall 2022

Nightfall 2022, Brighten Our Northern Skies

A family friendly light art trail of beautiful art works, music, performance, storytelling and magical moments.

Nightfall 2022 ‘Brighten Our Northern Skies’ took visitors through Stewart Park along a trail of playful and colourful light artworks exploring the beauty of the Northern Lights. Inspired by the colour, myths and magic of this amazing natural phenomenon, the familiar landscape and features of the park were transformed for four nights only!

About Nightfall 2022
  • Held at : Stewart Park, Middlesbrough

  • From : 1st-4th December 2022

  • Visitors : 24,000

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Nightfall 2022 - Brighten Our Northern Sky

A Celebration of Teesside Skies – Stellar Projects collaborated with Borderlands Arts & Culture Creative People and Places to provide an opportunity for communities in Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland to get involved and create work to feature in the Nightfall trail, working with visual artist Bethan Maddocks, writer Kirsten Luckins and sound artist Grace Stubbings. The artwork tells the stories of the changing Teesside skies through light and shadow, celebrating the nature, architecture, industry, and community of the area.

Huge thanks to the participants from Inward Bound, Middlesbrough Community Inclusion Service, Glow Projects – Rubies, 1st Skelton Guides, Bellemy Court residents, Tuned In, Generation Climate Action, Roseberry Park Hospital and South Bank Coffee Morning.

From Text to Trail!

This year Kirsten Luckins, Angela Readman and Mark Robinson have created a short story, poems, and a soundscape that can be enjoyed under the dancing Northern Lights and between the artists’ works. You’ll hear recorded voices of from community workshops organised by Borderlands CPP, drawing on local heritage and pride. You’ll be drawn into imagined worlds of girls and women full of light and hope, growing under Teesside skies. And you’ll perhaps heed to some of the proverbial wisdom of Aurora Boroborealis as you walk through the singing net of colours that is Nightfall 2022. Take solace in these surprising words and images – and remember: if you share a bad photo it will rain!

Download the anthology below to read at home!

Listen to Teesside Skies Soundscape here

What are our visitors saying?

“It was literally breathtaking all the light displays how interactive they were the local history involved hearing local voices talk about our history amazing and my word the northern lights!

Visitor, Nightfall 2022

It was a wonderful experience, it appealed to all the senses (I include the hot chocolate in this!) and it was just a joyful experience to be 5 minutes from home, experiencing something with the family in Middlesbrough. I can’t choose one highlight, it was all a building adventure until the beautiful area by the museum what a fabulous installation! To be under the northern lights. With the moon peeping through!

Visitor, Nightfall 2022

The magic of the lights and sounds captivated old and young family members. The pride of Teesside really shone through! Everything seemed well thought out and flowed nicely. Great atmosphere and family vibe.

Visitor, Nightfall 2022

It was amazing again, second year in a row. A big thank you to everyone involved. We have a fantastic time. Looking forward to seeing what you’re doing for Year 3, next year!

Visitor, Nightfall 2022

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