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The Stars Come Out at Night

Our touring illuminated artwork captures the beauty of the night sky and brings a glimmer of starlight right down to earth!

The Stars Come Out at Night is a large sculptural installation which slowly rotates to reveal beautiful star patterns on the surrounding landscape, making it a perfect focal point for an evening event.

The installation is a playful take on children’s projectors which cast patterns of the constellations on bedroom walls and ceilings, helping children to sleep.

The installation is accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack created by composer Oliver Vibrans.

Where have our works featured?
  • Lumiere : Durham in 2019
  • Nightfall : Stockton-on-Tees 2019
  • Leeds Light Night 2018 : Inside Trinity Church
  • Newcastle Cathedral 2021
  • Darlington Lights Darlington 2022
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The Stars Come Out at Night
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