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Survival Mode

The Survival Mode project took place during lockdowns of 2021 and aimed to uncover those moments of light, the ways people have found comfort and support as well as the people and actions that have helped them to get through the day.

Artist Naomi Edmondson creator of street art initiative Survival Techniques created a new temporary public artwork for Middlesbrough inspired by the stories of its residents. Her artworks are vibrant beacons of hope and colour providing beautiful moments of inspiration and contemplation.

Residents of Middlesbrough submitted their survival techniques via an online form with a couple of simple questions to answer sharing how they cope and what helped lift their mood. Naomi also ran an online workshop where participants worked with her to create their own mini artworks and learn more about Naomi’s process. Naomi used the online submissions and workshop session to inspire the final artwork design which became a temporary artwork in a shop window space in Middlesbrough Town centre.

About Survival Mode
  • Held at: Middlesbrough, Centre Square

  • When: 2021 - present

Survival Mode

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