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Nightfall 2021

Nightfall 2021, A Stellar Rainbow

Nightfall 2021, A Stellar Rainbow was a playful adventure through the night sky, celebrating the rainbow of colours which come to life in the evening.

The programme bathed the park in a rainbow of colour and highlights included Rainbow in the Dark by Benjamin Clegg, Submergence by Squid Soup, End Over End by Studio Vertigo and Harmonic Portals by Chris Plant.

We have put together a collection of activities and short films from Nightfall 21  for you to enjoy at home and keep the happy rainbow feeling alive! This programme has been created for a family audience.

About Nightfall 2021
  • Held at : Stewart Park, Middlesbrough

  • From : 2nd-5th December 2021

  • Visitors : 20,000

Nightfall gallery

For Nightfall 21 we commissioned four local writers to create work based on the rainbow theme which inspired artworks around the trail.

The writing programme included poems and stories written by Lisette Auton, Kirsten Luckins, Carmen Marcus and Mark Robinson.

The pieces are full of colours and light – but also enjoy the dark from which those colours burst. There are things lost and things found, dreams and journeys, transformations and holding onto the people we love.

The anthology can be downloaded below.

What are our visitors saying?

What a wonderful evening we have had. The project was very well organised and absolutely spectacular. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Thank you!

Visitor, Nightfall

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