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Enjoy The Ride

Pedal Powered Carnival!

A pedal powered Carnival parade full of vibrant colours and Captain Cook adventure, created to celebrate the arrival of the Tour de Yorkshire in Middlesbrough 2016.

The spectacular parade brought together community groups in colourful costumes, professional performers and musicians with a cavalcade of decorated bikes and cycling enthusiasts from across the Borough. School and community groups from Middlesbrough worked with carnival artists to make costumes ready to join the parade on the day, inspired by Captain Cook and the ships from his famous voyages. The procession celebrated the sights and sounds of the far flung places Cook visited, using their traditional colours, patterns and motifs to take the audience around the world and back again.

About Enjoy The Ride
  • Held at : Middlesbrough Town Centre

  • From : March 2016

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What are our visitors saying?

It was lovely for our students to take part in the event, they all enjoyed the loud music, brights colours and crowds of people; it offered a lovely social and sensory experience!

Teacher, Enjoy the Ride

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