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Inspired by the myths and magic of the Northern Lights.

According to Finnish folklore, the firefox runs through the night racing past trees and mountain tops. The fox tail flicks crystals of snow into the sky giving life to the northern lights, which we humans see in the night sky as the spectacular and mystical light display.

Revontulet brings the Aurora Borealis to life, with a sparkling sky and imagery imitating the swoosh of a fantasy fox tail, whose trails are captured on camera.

Dusted into film consciousness, sprinkled in an imagined sky; Revontulet is where neon hues hover, diffuse, caress and surprise the eye.

The film was created by Howard Hannah (HH). Based in Teesside, HH combines the artistic practice of artist Hannah Campion and photographer Kev Howard.

The artwork is accompanied by a soundtrack of the magnetic fields recorded by NASA’s Voyager 2 space probe in 1989 of Miranda, Uranus’s smallest moon.

Revontulet was commissioned for Nightfall Light Festival in 2022

Where have our works featured?
  • Nightfall : Middlesbrough 2022
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